From the Church Wardens January

At the recent Plough Service during which the plough and baby lamb were blessed, we gave thanks to God for the work of the farmers and asked for God’s blessing on all their work, as they strive to provide us with foodstuffs in the coming year.
Let us remember that “All good gifts around us are sent from heaven above. Then thank the Lord, then thank the Lord for all His love”.
We truly have a great deal to be thankful for in this country, so let us not forget all those in countries struggling with natural disasters of floods, volcanic eruptions and the devastating bush fires in Australia.
We are grateful to the visiting clergy who have covered our services so far. Their styles and presentation may vary, but they all express their deep Christian faith.
Jackie and I, together with a small team elected from the PCC have been working to update our Parish Profile. This will be presented to our Archdeacon, Ian Bishop, for his approval prior to advertising for a new incumbent.
Thank you to those who have given their time and expertise.

As previously mentioned, please contact us if you have any concerns regarding church matters.

Tony and Jackie Churchwardens













Extracts From The

Parish Magazine

February 2




March 1

First Reading

Malachi 3: 1-5

1 Corinthians 2: 1-end

Genesis 1: 1-2: 3

Exodus 24: 12-end

Genesis 2: 15-17; 3: 1-7


Luke 2: 22-40

Matthew 5: 13-20

Matthew 6: 25-end

Matthew 17: 1-9

Matthew 4: 1-11


John Russell

Rita Russell

Carole Curzon

Anne Brown

Tony Dewdney


David Plews


John Russell


Roy Waller

Lesson Readers

If you are unavailable on your allocated date, please arrange to change with someone else.


February 2




March 1

8.00 a.m.

Roger Hulme

Janet Tute

Lynda Carter

Roy Waller

Roger Hulme

11.00 a.m.

Frank & Christine Glynn

Peter & Carolyn Bullivent

John & Rita Russell

Anne Potts

Christine Glynn

Frank Glynn

6.30 a.m.

Colin Marlow


Howard Hulme


Colin Marlow

Sidesmen Rota

Pastoral Care

If you know of anyone who you think would benefit from a visit by one of our Pastoral Care Team, please contact Tim or Norma (425510), Carole (611477), Christine (511784) or Linda (424505).

Items for inclusion in the next month’s magazine should be

sent to Judith Dewdney by the 20th February.30 Henbury Rise Henbury

Tel:-  01625 439753 email:-

From the Registers


13th Feb John Power  Burial only  

20th Feb   Sherman Lynas


How much do we all rely on technology these days?  I had started this article on my laptop but unfortunately when I came to try and finish it off this morning, it turns out my laptop is not very well and is now at the menders!  Now having to start all over on Roy’s computer.  Can I remember what I had put in the one I had started?  No way so here we go again.

Over the last couple of years attendance for the January meeting has been quite good but this year it was dismal with only 12 members attending.  We had a great evening though eating cake and drinking tea/coffee and some members started knitting the “Hug in a Rug” blankets which have to be ready for Council in June.  Unfortunately I could not start mine as I had had a bit of a brain blip and purchased 7mm knitting needles instead of old fashioned 7 or 4.5mm.  I have now made up for it and at the time of writing this, have nearly finished my first strip of 7 squares.  If any other members would like the pattern please let me know.  I will have some with me at the February meeting.

Please note that we will not be having an MU Corporate Communion Service on Ash Wednesday this year.  This is only while we are in the interregnum.  We still do need volunteers to do the prayers and reading on Ascension Day which is Thursday, 21st May.  

As you will see from an advertisement in this magazine, we are holding another Lenten Lunch this year on Sunday, 8th March.   Tickets will be on sale shortly at £6.  #As those who have attended previously know, this is very good value with lots of home-made soup, cheese scones and cakes.  All the proceeds raised will go towards purchasing several of the MU Virtual Gifts.  Once I receive a catalogue of these I will put it on the MU notice board for anyone to have a look at.  We purchase the gifts in memory of past members and some of you might like to do this in memory of a parent or relative.

Several of us are looking forward to attending the Diocesan Festival Service in Chester Cathedral at the end of the month and I will report on that service in next month’s article.

This month it is our AGM and I realise that some of you will think this is boring and not wish to come, but please make the effort and give the Committee all your support.  The business will not take long and as I am on refreshments I will make sure there is some cake for afterwards!!!  Please also try and encourage some new faces to come with you.  Fingers crossed we will have more than 12 members present!

February Diary Dates

Thursday, 13th February – 7.30 p.m. – Monthly meeting – AGM

Refreshments: Di Waller and Lynne Hibbert

Saturday, 29th February – 11 a.m. - Diocesan Festival Service at Chester Cathedral

Church Flowers  

Recent Memorials  

Sunday 10th Nov. Di Waller in memory of her Dad

Sunday 17th Nov. Jackie Hulme in loving memory of her mother.

Christmas Memorials   Janet Tute  In Memory of her father Christopher Gartertty & John & Nora Tute, grandmother Pollie Jones and Aunty Barbara Barrett.


The flower ladies hope you all liked the tall, slim Christmas tree which stood on the floor in the chancel.

Thank you to everyone who donated money to the church flowers this year; it is very much appreciated.  

Thank you to the Flower Guild for giving up their time to decorate the church for this festive season. After Advent it is always special to come in to church to see the sparkle and the warmth of the red and gold


February 26th       Take flowers out for Lent.

10th April   Good Friday.  All  

There will be a Meeting for the Flower Guild at 40 Fallibroome Road on Wednesday   5th February 10.00am.

Anyone who would like to join will be most welcome to join us at this meeting.

Sunday Announcements

If anyone has a forthcoming event, or other similar information that they wish to share with the rest of the congregation, please would they let Jackie Hulme know before Sunday services, so that she can ensure visiting clergy have the details for inclusion in their announcements.

 Jackie Hulme


Our first meeting of 2020 was on 7th January.  Since we are never sure about how the weather is going to be in January we do not have a speaker.  Instead we played ‘Indoor Kurling’.  This operates in the same way as ‘Ice Curling’ but uses plastic discs on small wheels instead.  It was great fun and we were split into 2 teams (red and blue).  The reds beat the blues 21 to 9.

During this month we have also been to the Pantomime in Congleton.  This year it was ‘Robin Hood’

Our next meeting is on Tuesday, 4th February when we will be entertained by Susan Leicester – her talk is entitled ‘An evening of Sue Grenfell’.

All visitors will be made very welcome.

Ann Cresswell